Envision’s Goals for Our Community

  • Goal: A beautiful, vibrant city that values and protects its historic places, reuses vacant buildings, and maintains a balance of historic and modern buildings
  • Priority Strategy: Enact a long-range zoning strategy that addresses current vacancies and prevents recurrence of vacancies; encourage local ownership of empty big box stores; create a way to provide incentives for the reuse of empty buildings
  • Goal: A community that provides a diverse selection of state-of-the-art, multi-use recreational options for all ages
  • Priority Strategy: Use all available financing mechanisms to purchase a large tract of land (25-30 acres) for construction of state-of-the-art recreation center to include dual gymnasiums, indoor pool, exercise equipment, and senior citizens center.
  • Goal: Promote and expand cultural and recreational events, facilities, and programming to address the diverse needs of the citizens of our community.
  • Priority Strategy: Create and/or identify a well-funded source for planning, development, and promotion of cultural programming and facilities that are beyond the scope of individual entities.
  • Goal: A city with excellent, efficient services and fair laws that promote open communication and long range planning between government and citizens while working in partnership with community leaders.
  • Priority Strategy: Recruit and retain quality employees by offering competitive wages and a fair performance appraisal system. Make employees a top priority in governing and serving the needs of the community.
  • Goal: An equal opportunity environment that provides excellent vocational raining and more, higher paying jobs for all ages and skill levels; supports and recruits new businesses including small and minority owned manufacturing and industry; and encourages fair labor practices.
  • Priority Strategy: Develop a partnership to include the Opelika City Schools, Southern Union State Community College, businesses and industry, and community organizations concerned with jobs and training. The focus will be to identify needed skills for present and future employees and to create a plan to develop those skills locally.
  • Goal: Create a city with racial harmony that enhances all aspects of life.
  • Priority Strategy: Create a multi-cultural group to talk and identify problems.
  • Goal: A unique, charming, prosperous and attractive downtown that supports shopping, restaurants, residential spaces and apartments, entertainment, new businesses, public facilities, and the renovation and reuse of empty buildings. Continue to enhance the quality of life for Opelika residents through jobs generated in a wide variety of economic sectors.
  • Priority Strategy: Develop a coalition of public and private agencies, organizations, and entities focused on the revitalization of downtown Opelika. Ensure that the City of Opelika continues to have a comprehensive, proactive, and well-funded economic development program that focuses on recruiting a diverse group of companies, assisting businesses with their expansion plans, and recruiting a large, preferably manufacturing industry to the Opelika area.
  • Goal: Ample roadways that ensure the efficient movement of traffic, are visually appealing, pedestrian friendly, well-paved, well-lit, easily identifiable, and supportive of public transportation
  • Priority Strategy: Extensively investigate state and federal money and grants available for road improvements.
  • Goal: Ample roadways that ensure the efficient movement of traffic, are visually appealing, pedestrian friendly, well-paved, well-lit, easily identifiable, and supportive of public transportation
  • Priority Strategy: Extensively investigate state and federal money and grants available for road improvements.
  • Goal: A clean, beautiful and environmentally conscious community that is attractive to business, investors, and residents.
  • Priority Strategy: Designate an enforcement officer or an office to enforce environmental codes of the City of Opelika and create an environmental court if feasible.
  • Goal: A community with a housing market that provides upscale, moderate, starter and retirement housing choices; supports home ownership; and aggressively addresses the rehabilitation of substandard housing while reducing and improving subsidized housing as well as restricting and regulating mobile home parks.
  • Priority Strategy: Convene a housing summit with city developers, owners, and tenants to meet and evaluate the present housing market and discuss barriers that prohibit affordable housing for all levels.
  • Goal: A marketed community of well-planned, safe and attractive neighborhoods and schools with home choices in a variety of price ranges that meet growth needs and where ordinances are met and enforced.
  • Priority Strategy: Develop a neighborhood association advisory committee comprised of representatives from neighborhoods throughout the city to promote mutual goals of green space, side walks, lighting, and social activity in all neighborhoods.
  • Goal: A fully staffed planning and inspection department that evaluates and enforces codes and encourages growth and redevelopment.
  • Priority Strategy: Hire and train a code enforcement officer.
  • Goal: A city that provides a safe, low-crime, drug-free environment for all residents with improved police recruiting, training and performance, coordination with informed citizens in the prevention of crime, and assistance to ex-offenders as they re-enter society.
  • Priority Strategy: Enhance the relationship between law enforcement officers, citizens and businesses through a program of regular visits designed to inform the public and develop a relationship of trust and confidence thus enhancing the enforcement of existing laws.
  • Goal: A well-funded, excellent public school system that provides a challenging curriculum, promotes high academic achievement at all levels, and is supported by an informed community.
  • Priority Strategy: Create standing committees that are made up of citizens and educators that report to the Mayor and school system superintendent to address and promote the achievement of school and community goals.

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  • Goal: Provide excellent and affordable, routine and specialized medical care and improved supportive services for family and residents of all ages.
  • Priority Strategy: Revive the Community Health Initiative Task Force to plan and implement access to medical care and support services and to raise public awareness about the effects of economic growth on the social and health services infrastructure.
  • Goal: An environmentally safe, volunteer based community that promotes a litter-free city that includes various forms of recycling and clean-up activities.
  • Priority Strategy: Create a marketing and education campaign to promote the accomplishment of the goal educate the community that it costs less not to litter in the first place, and to educate people about who they can contact about environmental issues.