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Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and citizens.  If the schools educate them to be young people of high character, our country will eventually become a nation of high character.  Also, one of the many benefits of character education in the schools is that academic performance goes up with good behavior.  It is obvious that if teachers spend all their time maintaining discipline in the classroom, there can be no effective learning.  It is not as obvious, but equally true, that if you create a moral and caring community in the classroom, not only can the teacher teach, but the students will feel better about themselves and work harder.  The unmistakable conclusion: character education should be an integral part of the country’s formal education system, from kindergarten through graduate school.


August             Endurance

September       Punctuality

October           Discernment

November       Gratefulness

December        Joyfulness

January            Decisiveness

February          Justice

March              Sincerity

April                Truthfulness

May                 Obedience

June                 Resourcefulness

July                  Honor


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